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Clever inventions propel North Stonington students to D.C. competition

In Connecticut, 17,000 students participated in invention conventions in their local schools. Of those, about 1,000 were chosen for the four regional semifinals in the state, and about about 140 were awarded “recognized inventor status.” Of those, about 100 students from across the state were invited to Washington, D.C., for the national competition. Students had a financial limit of $50 and were judged on the originality, practicality and effectiveness of their inventions, oral presentation and inventing process. After experimenting with different ideas for how to write and erase on the top of a whiteboard, Beattie said he used a drill to puncture a hole in a whiteboard eraser, attached that to a pole, and added a screw that tightens and loosens to hold a marker. He tested his invention on a classroom of preschool students. “They did a whole math lesson with it and the kids were able to circle and write the numbers on the board with it,” he said. The invention could help “vertically-challenged” students, but also people who use whiteboards in their jobs, Beattie said. The challenge of exercising in New England’s changing weather inspired Katelyn Pierce, 11, to invent “Sleeve-Be-Gone,” a longsleeved shirt with removable sleeves and pockets to stow them. “I run a lot, and a lot of times I start in the morning and it starts warming up toward the end of my run and I get really hot toward the end,” she said.

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